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Yes, you can get pure mountain spring water delivered to your residence for $4.99 per 5-gallon bottle.
To offer this low price and still offer our quality service and pure mountain spring water, we had to set the following rules.

What you will get...
  • Pure mountain spring water in 5-gallon bottles with carrying handle.
  • Delivery to your door.
  • Quality service.
  • Accurate paperwork.
  • No contract.

What you will pay...and why
  • $4.99 per 5-gallons of pure mountain spring water.
  • $4.99 per 5-gallon bottle (refundable).
  • To compare this price ($4.99) to a 24-bottle case of 1/2 liters, you would have to pay $3.16 for that case! ! !
  • And it is delivered to your grocery store; no loading cases into the car; no unloading cases out of the car.
  • Our 5-gallon bottles have a HUGE carrying handle.

Here is how it works...


  • You purchase 6 of the 5-gallon bottles at $4.99 each (refundable).
  • You purchase 6 of the 5-gallons of pure mountain spring water at $4.99 each.
  • You pay with a valid VISA card or a valid MasterCard.
  • When you have 5 empty bottles, you then place them on the porch.
  • You then contact us via phone or email and give your name and address.
  • We will exchange the empty bottles for full bottles within 48 hours of your reorder.
  • We will then charge your valid credit card for $4.99 per bottle.
  • By using this "will call" service, you don't have to remember to place your empties on the porch on the third Friday of the month.  Most of us have forgotten to do that.  

The fine print...
  • This offer is for residential service only.
  • This offer has a limited delivery area.
  • The empty bottles must be in good condition or you will be charged the $4.99.
  • If you cancel our service and you return the empties in good condition, we will return your $4.99 per bottle.
  • There is no time period for this offer, but it can be discontinued or adjusted with 90 days notice to you.
  • The 48 hours is based on Monday - Friday excluding local holidays; weather delays; acts of God; civil unrest and other unforeseen events.
  • This offer does not include the cooler.
  • You can purchase a cooler from any retail provider.
  • The prices shown do not include your local sales taxes or fuel sur-charge.
  • A valid VISA card or MasterCard must be on file at the time of delivery.  Other financial arrangements are possible.  Contact us.
  • This offer is not available using a barter payment system.

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