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Our home service is very simple; when you place the last bottle on your cooler, place the empties outside and contact us.  Within 48 hours, we will satisfy your request.





Our business service is very simple; we will service your needs on a set schedule or on a "will call" basis as best fits your business needs. 



Contact us:

Via Cell              404-358-0790

Via Office           770-928-3788


Via Fax               770-517-3281


Via E-mail  


And give your name and the account phone number and request the number of bottles you need.  Within 48 hours, we will satisfy your request.



Fine print:

Business days are Monday thru Friday.

Excluding:  local holidays; weather delays; acts of God; civil unrest; and other unforeseen events.

24 Hours is based on business day time.

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